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Accountability Experience Facilitator Set

Accountability Experience Facilitator Set
Includes Facilitator Set, support materials, and poster, plus sample self assessment, participant workbook, and Job Aid card.
Ships in 1 week
Item ID:0617E1FG
A detailed, step-by-step guide for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience that builds individual accountability. Includes a flash drive containing a PowerPoint slide deck with embedded video clips.

Table of Contents:
  • The Accountability Experience
    • How Results are Achieved
    • Who Would Benefit from Attending This Workshop
    • Creating an Effective Learning Environment
  • About This Guide
  • Preparing for Successful Workshops
    • Materials
    • Your Role
    • Workshop Timing
    • Learning More
    • Workshop Timing Sheet
  • Module 1: Preliminaries
  • Module 2: Building the Accountability Case
  • Module 3: The Accountability Cycle
  • Module 4: A Focus on Responsibility
  • Module 5: A Focus on Self-Empowerment
  • Module 6: A Focus on Accountability
  • Module 7: Wrap Up
  • Pre-Workshop Correspondence
  • Chart Masters
  • Video Clip Synopses
  • About the Author

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