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Black Bear - QuickStart Training

Black Bear - QuickStart Training
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First time facilitating Black Bear? Whether you are a novice trainer or a seasoned facilitator, we highly recommend the HRDQ QuickStart Training. There's no better way to get up to speed on the Black Bear simulation so you can step into your first training class prepared for anything. Our one-on-one telephone training is scheduled at your convenience and personalized for your unique needs. Our subject matter experts will thoroughly review the program with you, offer ideas on tailoring the simulation for your employees, and discuss typical participant questions and reactions, and more.

Our two-hour telephone coaching session helps bring out the best from you and your team during the Black Bear simulation. The Black Bear exercise begins with your group starting out on an imaginary hike in the awe-inspiring Great Smoky Mountains. Soon, things turn from tranquil to tense, as the group accidentally surprises a mother black bear, which lashes out and attacks the scout leader. To the group's dismay, the scout leader is left lying on the ground, unconscious and suffering deep lacerations. From there, the group is tasked with working together to make life-saving, strategic decisions to save the scout leader's life. Throughout the simulation, the group learns various behaviors of consensus decision-making, hones group problem-solving skills, experiences the concept of team synergy, and more.

At HRDQ, we believe the training simulations like Black Bear in our Team Adventure Series are an effective method for introducing true-to-life concepts through imaginative scenarios. Each exercise is created to be somewhat far-fetched from the realities of daily life so as to create a non-threatening, fun learning environment. However, the feelings of stress and conflict involved in each simulation are real, and not unlike the emotions and pressures sometimes felt during intense on-the-job scenarios.

One of the reasons team-facilitated exercises like Black Bear can be so valuable is there is a widely-shared belief that group decisions are more effective than those made by individuals. That's because groups bring a greater amount of knowledge, perspective, and information to the discussion of a problem. When a team makes a decision together, it also increases the understanding, acceptance, and commitment to that choice.

As a facilitator, our telephone coaching session for Black Bear will ensure you're able to avoid some of the more common pitfalls of group decision-making. These potential problems include the team falling short of its ability to make effective decisions, commonly referred to as "process loss." For example, process loss can happen when a single member manages to outperform the entire group in the decision-making process. When that happens, it's usually because that member's knowledge was lost somewhere in the shared discussion. Our telephone training will also help you navigate such common stumbling blocks in group-decision like over-reliance on group think, tried and true procedures, and individuals feeling the need to justify their decisions.

Our two-hour QuickStart telephone coaching is guaranteed to put you in the best position possible to lead the Black Bear program and reap its most beneficial rewards. In turn, your team will learn the skills necessary to make crucial decisions together when facing a variety of circumstantial elements and pressures.

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