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Bridging the Communication Divide - Complete Game Kit

Bridging the Communication Divide - Complete Game Kit
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Take your audience on an exciting learning adventure with Bridging the Communication Divide! Part of the HRDQ Style Series? product suite, this hands-on experiential game explores the impact personality style has on everyday interactions and then offers a simple communication style model individuals can use to make immediate improvements to their communication skills.

Order one kit per trainer. Each kit includes:

  • Facilitator guide
  • 24 participant workbooks
  • 4 sets of reusable game parts
  • Blueprints
  • Team name cards
  • Role-play cards
  • Visual cues cards
  • Facilitator support materials on USB flash drive
  • Sturdy tote bag

Facilitator Guide Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2 Theoretical Background
  • Section 3: Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Section 4: Facilitating the Game
  • Bridging the Communication Divide?The Game
  • Module 1: Introduction and Who Am I? Activity
  • Module 2: Assigning Teams
  • Module 3: Island Rescue Scenario
  • Module 4: Tutorial Phase
  • Module 5: Construction Phase ? First Attempt
  • Module 6: First Debrief
  • Module 7: The Four Communication Styles
  • Module 8: Construction Phase ? Second Attempt
  • Module 9: Second Debrief
  • Module 10: Action Planning
  • Module 11: Wrap-Up
  • Section 5: Picture Resources & Instruction
  • Appendix

Additional Features

  • Sample Participant Workbook
  • HRDQ Style Model
  • Four Communication Styles
  • HRDQ Experiential Learning Model
Please note: Trainer certification is not required to deliver the game.

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