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Compact Cases Activity Collection - Digital Version

Compact Cases Activity Collection - Digital Version
Digital Download
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Includes the complete collection as a digital download in Adobe Acrobat PDF.
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Topics include:

Leadership, communication, negotiation, management development, team building, change management, conflict, self-managing teamwork, and more!


By definition, a compact case is a brief description of a typical organizational situation that requires change and improvement. For the purpose of this collection, the cases have been restricted to general problems faced in most organizations. For example, what are the leadership issues in an organization that need desperately to change in order to survive? What are the typical problems of communicating within a work group? How can employees with a variety of needs be motivated to perform their best for the team and the organization?

Compact Cases can help initiate the process of learning how to deal with a variety of organizational processes. By first reading about the situation and then sharing reactions to it, participants become aware of important issues and the various perspectives they already have about them. The value of the case can (and should) be stretched to include ways to improve a situation and action planning that commits participants to do something.

Compact Cases consists of 44 fully reproducible case studies that cover a wide variety of training topics. Each case is a short hypothetical situation or scenario that poses a question or problem that participants must try to address or solve. In doing so, participants learn more about key training concepts.

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