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Comprehensive Leader - Facilitator Set

Comprehensive Leader - Facilitator Set
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Includes one Facilitator Set. Order one per trainer. Participant materials are sold separately.

Facilitator Set Table of Contents:
  • Overview and Introduction
  • Origin of The Comprehensive Leader
  • When to Use The Comprehensive Leader
  • Our Model ? A New View of Visionary Leadership
  • Dimensions of Leadership
    • Know Yourself and Practice Self-Renewal
    • Know Others and Help Them Grow
    • Know Your Organization and Guard Its Purpose
    • Know the World and Bring it to Your Organization
  • Applying the Model: Leadership Profiles
  • How to Administer The Comprehensive Leader
    • Overview
    • How to Score The Comprehensive Leader
    • How to Process Feedback Results
    • How to Construct Leadership Profiles
    • Taking Action to Continue Learning
    • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Technical Development
  • Sample Training Design
  • Sample Self Assessment 
  • Related Materials from HRDQ
  • About Overhead Transparencies
  • About Reproducible Participant Hand-Outs and Activities
  • References
  • Appendix 1: Transparency Masters
  • Appendix 2: Participant Handout Masters
  • Appendix 3: Activity Masters

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