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Ethical Type Indicator - Facilitator Set

Ethical Type Indicator - Facilitator Set
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This Training Manual explains how to use The Ethical Type Indicator with The Seminar on Ethical Reasoning - an experiential workshop in which participants discover, examine, and explore their ethical values and inner ethical constitution.

Conduct a two-hour, half-day or full-day training workshop in your organization to:
  • Demonstrate the organizations commitment to ethical behavior
  • Provide a framework for understanding how ethical dilemmas can be confronted and resolved in a thoughtful and meaningful way
  • Inspire greater ethical conduct and behavior within your organization
  • Provide a new and different perspective on diversity and tolerance
  • Discourage wrongful, illegal, and unethical conduct and save your organization in potential litigation costs
The Training Manual includes:
  • Background information on the Ethical Type Indicator
  • Detailed instructions for its use
  • The trainer's guide for conducting a seminar on ethical reasoning using the Ethical Type Indicator
  • Seminar outlines
  • PowerPoint® slide show
About the Author

Louie V. Larimer, is the founder and president of Focused Strategies, Inc., a management consulting firm that helps CEOs develop and implement profitable business strategies. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology, masters degree in business administration, and a juris doctorate. Mr. Larimer has taught graduate level courses in management, organizational development, ethics, law, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

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