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First Aid For Stress Activity - Team Coping

First Aid For Stress Activity - Team Coping
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Learning Objectives:

  • Create group connections for managing stress.
  • Practice a structured team coping technique that can be used for problem solving, conflict and stress-inducing situations.
  • Increase stress-coping alternatives by collaborating with others.  
How it Works
Participants work in small groups with one person selected as the reporter for the group. The team identifies a problem and which aspects of the stress-inducing issue they want to focus on. The reporter solicits ideas from each participant for how to cope with this issue, recording each on a flip chart. All ideas are welcome - the sillier the better! Through collaboration the team then chooses which coping methods they feel are best and outlines how they will put them into practice.

Number of Participants
Any number can participate.
Time Required 
30 minutes to 1 hour

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