Flight From Savo Game - Extra Observer Pad

Flight From Savo Game - Extra Observer Pad

Extra Observer Pad

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Contains one additional pad of Observer Guidelines forms. Each Observer Guidelines form serves as an explanatory and directive document for an assigned "observer" to a team. It briefs him/her on the purposeful design of the activity and on the role he/she is to fulfill as observer of the assigned supervisor to the team.
Additionally, the form provides both a series of questions and a rating scale which helps the observer to appropriately evaluate an assigned supervisor's behavior with respect to the five basic Supervisory Skills.
Product Details:
Send supervisors on a memorable exploration of supervisory skills with Flight from Savo, HRDQ's exciting hands-on adventure game. Participants experience first-hand the fundamental supervisory skills presented in HRDQ's Supervisory Skills Questionnaire:
  • Guiding the Work
  • Organizing the Work
  • Developing Your Staff
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Relations

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