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How Is Your Team Working?

How Is Your Team Working?
Free webinar from HRDQ Presented by Melissa Caldwell
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How Is Your Team Working?

Duration: 45 minutes

In today?s workplace, functioning as a member of a team is the norm. Successful teams can accomplish incredible results; equally, a struggling team can cause disruption within an organization. Join us for an informative and actionable webinar that will explore common blockages and then examine strategies to improve team effectiveness. Presenter Melissa Caldwell will discuss five critical areas of team activity:
  • Mission, Vision, and Goals
  • Team Roles
  • Operating Processes
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Inter-team Relationships
What You Will Learn:
  • Indications of the general health of a team
  • How to identify the common blockages to team effectiveness
  • How to reduce or eliminate problems that can drain a group?s energy
  • Maximize the group?s productive efforts
  • How to gauge improvement over time
About the Presenter

With a career history that includes high-level positions at Fortune 100 and large international companies, organizational development professional Melissa Caldwell offers over 20 years experience in designing and implementing innovative strategies and processes that measure, develop and optimize ?people effectiveness.?  
With numerous certifications in training and development, Melissa?s areas of expertise include performance management, change and transition leadership, coaching, communication, and motivation. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Purdue University, and she also graduated from the Ashridge Management College, an Advanced Management Program in the United Kingdom.

Aired on October 21, 2010

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