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How to Manage Your Emotions in the Workplace

How to Manage Your Emotions in the Workplace
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 How to Manage Your Emotions in the Workplace

Have you ever been emotional at work? Just about everyone has at some point. And in a world full of budget cuts, layoffs, and stress, it?s no surprise that controlling one?s emotions is becoming more and more difficult. We?re only human, after all.

The problem is, how you manage your emotions says a lot about you. It can undermine what people think of you, limit opportunities for advancement, and maybe even cause you to lose your job. While you can?t always check your emotions at the door, you can identify what triggers them and then learn how to respond appropriately.

And that?s why you need How to Manage Your Emotions. This comprehensive e-book will show you in simple terms how to keep your emotions in check, reframe your thinking, and prevent accidental outbursts so that you can become an expert at channeling your emotions and regaining control?or better yet, never losing it in the first place.

Here?s What You?ll Find
  • Interactive tools that provide valuable skill practice
  • Case studies illustrating real-world scenarios
  • Practical applications to demonstrate key concepts
  • Action planning and strategies you can put to immediate use

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • The What and Why of Emotions
  • All about Triggers
  • Strategies for Managing Your Emotions
  • Oops! What to Do When an Outburst Happens
  • Long-Term Strategies to Channel Emotions Productively
  • Case Studies
  • About the Author
  • About this Series

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