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Mars Rover Challenge - Leadership QuickStart Training

Mars Rover Challenge - Leadership QuickStart Training
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The Mars Rover Challenge leadership version is an interactive training game ideal for teaching new or experienced leaders and managers how to develop a Collaborative leadership style. This hands-on activity allows participants to see the damaging consequences of traditional and passive leadership styles and experience the benefits of collaborative leadership.

QuickStart Training is one, two-hour coaching session. First time facilitating the leadership version of Mars Rover Challenge? We highly recommend HRDQ QuickStart Training, whether you are a novice trainer or a seasoned facilitator. It?s an excellent way to quickly get up to speed on the product so you can step into your first training class with confidence. Personalized, one-on-one telephone coaching is provided at your convenience. Our subject matter experts will review the program with you, offer ideas for tailoring the assessment to your specific needs, discuss typical participant questions and reactions, and more.

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