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Mars Surface Rover - Team Module Extra Game Pack

Mars Surface Rover - Team Module Extra Game Pack
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Item ID:0260E2GPTM

The Mars Surface Rover Team Module is a two-part, hands-on team building exercise. Through a series of tasks, participants will be challenged first as individuals in a group, then as team working together, to construct a vehicle model. This experiential activity shows the importance of implementing a true team environment and how, through teamwork, each contributor can experience greater success.

Includes 1 Team Module Extra Game Pack. Trains an additional team of 4-7 participants.

Extra Game Pack includes:
  • 1 Set of Reusable Rover Toy Parts
  • 7 MSR Team Self Assessments
  • 1 MSR Screen
  • 1 Team Task Sheet
  • 1 Stop Watch
  • 1 Calculator
  • 1 Set of Blueprints
Self Assessment Table of Contents:
  • The Situation
  • Discussion Questions
  • Groups vs. Teams
  • Interdependence
  • Communication/Information Flow
  • Common Goals
  • Action Planning


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