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Rainforest Game Complete Kit

Rainforest Game Complete Kit
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1-2 hours


Each Complete Game Kit includes materials to train five teams of 3-5 participants simultaneously. For smaller groups, it is possible to play with four teams of 3 participants. (It is also possible to run multiple games at the same time; for more participants, order the Extra Game Pack.) All parts except for the Participant Guides and stickers are reusable.

Product Details:

Working in teams can be a challenging and rewarding experience - but what happens when different teams are asked to collaborate? Often, teams that view one another as competitors have an "us vs. them" mentality that can make it difficult to get the job done together. How can teams cross their organizational and mental boundaries to share resources, ideas, and success?

The Rainforest Game is an insightful hands-on exercise designed to provide individuals and teams with a realistic experience of collaboration across both internal and external boundaries - and of the challenges they are likely to encounter in the process.

Separated into groups, participants in The Rainforest Game must work across group boundaries to attain their goal. In the process, they'll build an awareness of the importance of cooperation, the challenges inherent in inter-team communication, and the significance of creating and sustaining effective partnerships.

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