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Training tools for developing great people skills.

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Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations

Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations
Reproducible Simulations Library
Digital Download
Item ID:2730E1RSL

Here's what you get:

  • Instant access to all 28 downloadable training simulations
  • Reproducible and customizable materials for both the facilitator and participant
  • Introductory guide to using the Five-Step Simulation? method
  • Trainer?s Guide for incorporating simulations into existing training programs, including e-learning


  • Conflict Management ? Dealing with Disrespect
  • Customer Service ? Fixing a Co-Worker?s Problem
  • Customer Service ? Handling a Difficult Customer
  • Decision Making ? Equipment Delays
  • Decision Making ? Breakfast Innovation
  • Delegation ? Choosing Tasks, Choosing Delegates
  • Delegation ? Following Up on a Delegated Task
  • Ethics ? Hiring with a Conflict of Interest
  • Ethics ? Handling the Pressure for Results
  • Giving Feedback ? Dealing with Distracting Behavior
  • Giving Feedback ? Mostly Positive, with One Correction
  • Giving Feedback ? The Reluctant Team Member
  • Giving Feedback ? A Safety Near Miss
  • Influence ? Winning a Seat at the Table
  • Leadership ? Inspiring Action in Tough Times
  • Leadership? Keeping Your Best Employees
  • Negotiation ? Working out a Major Service Contract
  • Performance Management ? Corrective Action
  • Performance Management ? Giving a ?Meets Expectations? Rating
  • Presentation Simulation Scenarios
  • Presentation Skills Simulation Model
  • Retail Sales Skills Simulation Model
  • Safety Simulation Model
  • Sales Skills ? B2B Services
  • Sales Skills ? Vacation Travel
  • Setting Expectations ? When Restructuring Changes the Job
  • Service Skills Simulation Model
  • Technical/Job Skills Simulation Model

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