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Taking the Lead: Five Things Every Supervisor Needs to Know

Taking the Lead: Five Things Every Supervisor Needs to Know
Free webinar from HRDQ Presented by Annette Cremo
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Taking the Lead: Five Things Every Supervisor Needs to Know

Duration: 60 minutes


What makes a great supervisor great? While there may not be a quick and simple answer to that question, there is a certain skill set that, when learned through time and exposure, make supervisors more effective. But with increasing pressure being placed on supervisors to perform, organizations can?t afford this long learning curve. Join us for an informative webinar that will help you ? the trainer ? get your audience up to speed fast.

What You Will Learn

  • Five skills every supervisor needs in order to be successful
  • How to identify a supervisor?s strengths and weaknesses
  • Actions supervisors should avoid
  • How to help supervisors plan, prioritize, and delegate
  • Things supervisors can do to build productive relationships

About the Presenter

Dr. Annette Cremo is a seasoned training professional with over 15 years of experience in education, organization development, and human resources. Her clients include AAA, GlaxoSmithKline, Hershey Foods, and Ingersol Rand. In addition, Dr. Cremo is a university instructor, leading courses in training and presentation skills at Pennsylvania State University.

An expert in team building, leadership, and supervisory skills, Dr. Cremo earned her PhD in Psychoeducational Process from Temple University. Her doctoral research examined the active learning process for high-performance work teams and the group problem-solving process.

Aired on April 21, 2010

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