Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI) - Self Assessment (Print Version)

Team Emotional and Social Intelligence (TESI) - Self Assessment (Print Version)


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This ten-minute assessment is the starting point for understanding a team's Emotional Intelligence. Each individual in the team completes and scores the assessment, and the results are then aggregated to arrive at a team rating. The assessment measures seven dimensions of team behavior and performance: team identity, motivation, emotional awareness, communications, stress tolerance, conflict resolution and positive mood.

Author Information

Marcia Hughes is president of Collaborative Growth® L.L.C., a firm specializing in emotional and social intelligence to support leadership and team development, through keynotes, training, executive coaching, and strategic design.

James Bradford Terrell is vice president of Collaborative Growth®. He coaches senior management teams confronting systemic change and executives and leaders who want to be more emotionally effective in both their professional and personal lives.

Hughes and Terrell are the coauthors of Emotional Intelligence in Action and A Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence from Pfeiffer and The Emotionally Intelligent Team.

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