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The Dynamics of Rapport: Using Neurolinguistics to Improve Communication

The Dynamics of Rapport: Using Neurolinguistics to Improve Communication
Free webinar from HRDQ Presented by author James Eicher
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The Dynamics of Rapport: Using Neurolinguistics to Improve Communication

Duration: 60 minutes


Have you ever felt like you ?hit it off? with someone ? maybe even after knowing him or her for  just a short period of time or discovering that you have very little in common with that person? Still, you just sensed you would get along, despite the reasons why you shouldn?t.

Now turn it around. A friend introduces you to someone they just know you?ll love. Or you meet someone that you expect to like immediately. Yet you?re surprised when you dislike them right off the bat ? or you?re indifferent to that person, at best.

So what's going on and why does this phenomenon happen to all of us?  Rapport.

Join us for a free webinar, The Dynamics of Rapport: Using Neurolinguistics to Improve Communication. Jim Eicher, neurolinguistics expert and author of the Neurolinguistic Communication Profile assessment, will lead you through the fascinating and dynamic world of rapport. He?ll explore every phase, from developing rapport to turning resistance into irresistibility.

This webinar will show you how to:
  • Identify the sensory-based preferences of others (e.g., visual, auditory and tactile)
  • Pay attention to both the big picture as well as the small details when communicating with others
  • Develop flexibility to improve communication with others
  • Anticipate, address, and eliminate conflict ? before it occurs
  • Listen to others to get a better understanding of who they are and what they want

About the Presenter

James Eicher
A well-respected author and consultant, Jim Eicher is a subject matter expert in the fields of sales, organizational strategy, leadership, and communication. During his career, he has held leadership roles at Booz Allen Hamilton, Andersen Worldwide, Symantec, and NetApp. He was also the founder of Cognitive Management, a training and consulting with worldwide clients such as Xerox, Reuters, Sony, Simon and Schuster, Amdahl, and Nortel.

In addition to the Neurolinguistic Communication Profile, Jim is the author of the highly acclaimed book on management communication, Making the Message Clear as well as the assessment tools The Leader-Manager Profile, Post-Heroic Leadership: Managing the Virtual Organization, and Rapport: Matching and Mirroring Communication.

Aired on March 17, 2010

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