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The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide: Facilitating Successful Live and Online Courses, Meetings, and Events

The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide: Facilitating Successful Live and Online Courses, Meetings, and Events
Paperback - 160 pages - September 2003, Pfeiffer - ISBN 9780787969431
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The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide
is a hands-on resource for enhancing your real-time e-learning sessions. Written by Jennifer Hofmann, a synchronous training leader, it is the first and only book focusing solely on this emerging training method. If you're new to synchronous training, everything you need to know is right here. If you're a seasoned pro the practical tips, tools, and customizable templates in this book will ensure the success of your online training courses, meetings, and events.

Table of Contents:

1. An Introduction to the Synchronous Classroom.
New Versus Older Delivery Methods.
The Synchronous Classroom.
Synchronous Software.
2. Facilitating in the Synchronous Classroom.
Profile of an Effective Synchronous Trainer.
The Synchronous Trainer's Workstation.
The Producer.
Leader Guides for Trainer/Producer Collaboration.
3. Communicating in the Synchronous Classroom.
Using Visuals.
Using Your Voice.
Language Tips.
Gauging Participation.
Using the Collaboration Tools.
A Note on Class Size.
Rules of Thumb.
4. Synchronous Classroom Management.
Managing Time and Scheduling Issues.
Determining the Best Length for a Program.
Communicating with Class Participants.
Preparing to Facilitate the Class.
Using Your Leader Guide Effectively.
5. Managing the Technology.
Creating a Seamless Production.
Troubleshooting Technology.
6. Working with Synchronous Participants.
The Participant Experience.
Learning How to Learn Online.
Ground Rules.
The Effective Learning Environment.
Self Assessments.
7. Synchronous Events.
Expert Q&A.
Learning Events.
A Final Thought.
A. Synchronous Software Features Checklist.
B. Synchronous Classroom Management Checklists.
C. Recommended Resources for Synchronous and Blended e-Learning.
D. A Glossary of Terms.
About the Author.
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"eLearning requires eTeachers. As synchronous tools and teaching grows,
we must also grow the skills and strategies of teachers working in the
virtual classroom. The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide is a great
resource for the new or experienced eTrainer."
? Elliott Masie, president, The MASIE Center

"The shortest path for most instructors to become more impactful is through synchronous training. And the shortest path for most instructors to become proficient in synchronous training is to use this unique book."
? Clark Aldrich, cofounder, Simulearn and author, Simulations and the Future of Learning

"The virtual classroom is truly a brave new frontier in training. Jennifer Hoffman's new book is appropriately titled, because it will allow readers to, in fact, thrive in the implementation of this exciting new training technology. Jennifer's hands-on experience, as reflected in the book's content and organization, is a great resource for anyone venturing into this otherwise uncharted territory. "
? Ed Underwood, manager of research and development, Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc.

"The Synchronous Trainers Survival Guide will allow you to get your synchronous project on track quickly and will save you from potentially costly mistakes and missteps. Hofmann's easy-to-read charts, tips, and humorous real-life examples will rapidly get you up to speed on this emerging training technique."
? Nanette Miner, president, The Training Doctor, LLC

"An essential tool for anyone delivering instruction in the live virtual classroom. This book goes the extra mile helping readers maximize the technical features found in virtual classrooms such as assessments, polling, feedback, breakout rooms, and other educational capabilities. In addition to helping the reader make the most of technology, this guide looks at the essential instructional design elements that differentiate an e-learning experience form and e-meeting experience. When the best practices from this book are applied you will be able to do more than simply survive!"
? Dr. Margaret Driscoll, market development manager, Workplace Learning Products, IBM Lotus Software

Author Info:

Jennifer Hofmann is an e-learning consultant who specializes in the design and delivery of synchronous and blended learning. Jennifer owns and manages InSync Training, LLC. Her team provides workshops, consulting, and development services to organizations looking to implement a synchronous classroom, and has experience using all of the major synchronous platforms.

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