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A Better Way - DVD (DS)

A Better Way - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 15 minutes

Discover a new perspective to the concept of 'win-win' with A Better Way, the story of three South Africanretailers faced with finding a new approach to their businesses.

One, challenged with street vendors at their storefronts, decides not to view their presence as animpediment, but rather an opportunity for increased success through cooperation. First, they provide thevendors with push brooms and other tools so the debris from the fruits and vegetables they sell can easilybe cleared from the area. Then they give each one a hat with the store?s name on it (which the vendorsare proud to wear). The result? Each business is enhanced and customers enjoy the convenience of a fullrange of goods in one location.

Another is a grocery chain trying to gain market share in the sale of fresh fish, an area where they havehad minor success and little clout. Knowing they need a better-quality product from their supplier, theyexpress this, along with suggestions for a more efficient means of storing the fish from sea to port. Withthese changes, the supplier is able to increase the quality of their product and both parties realizeincreased profitability. A side result: the vendor's competition makes similar changes, thereby improvingthe quality of fish in markets throughout the region.

Our third story focuses on a young manager who realizes that being in the center of town keeps his storefrom a large base of potential customers dependent on bus transportation. These prospective patronswould have to walk 17 minutes out of their way to buy clothes at the store and, in doing so, risk losingtheir place in line at the depot. The answer? Open a store near the depot. Doing so allows them to increaseprofitability at both stores and make customers very happy. All it took was the willingness to reconsiderstore placement.

A Better Way teaches viewers to:

  • Define the 'win-win' concept
  • Identify teambuilding skills
  • Recognize 'synergy' and how it may benefit their organization
  • and more...


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