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A Leader's Guide to Delegating - DVD (DS)

A Leader's Guide to Delegating - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 23 Minutes


  • Models Effective Delegating
  • Helps Leaders Develop Staff
  • Improves Organizational Productivity

A Leader's Guide to Delegating is designed to show managers and supervisors how to get work done through other people.

In this way, A Leader's Guide to Delegating lets you address leadership development and employee engagement in a single training session. Trainees receive solid instruction in a key leadership competency and they commit to giving employees increased opportunity to take on new assignments.

What does this mean for you? Tasks will be delegated more often and with greater clarity – leading to better results, improved productivity and higher job satisfaction overall.

A Leader's Guide to Delegating provides a plan for successful delegation in just 5 steps:

  1. Analyze the Task
  2. Choose the Right Delegatee
  3. Assign the Task
  4. Execute the Task
  5. Conduct Regular Feedback Sessions

Effective delegation accomplishes more than just the task at hand. It also builds trust for future delegations, helps employees develop new skills, reduces managerial stress and improves organizational productivity.


DVD plus Downloadable Materials

Downloadable Materials:

Leader's Guide, Powerpoint Presentation, Participant Workbooks

Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

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