Bullying and Respect in the Workplace DVD

Bullying and Respect in the Workplace DVD

DVD: 19 minutes

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Duration: 19 Minutes
Have respect and good manners begun to slip in your workplace? Is rude behavior becoming the norm?
Bullies often act just under the radar, denying their hostile intent or shrugging off their behaviors as humorous or insignificant. Yet, the constant tension they create?and the way their harmful activities tend to build over time?not only damages the individual targets of their behavior but also the workgroup as a whole.
that's why you need to bring bullying out into the open. So you can deal with it directly and put an end to it.
In five dramatic stories taking place in settings that range from a hospital to City Hall, victims and witnesses will see how to speak up and challenge a coworker?s mean-spirited behavior in a straightforward way that earns them respect. They?ll also learn they do not have to face this problem alone. If they are not comfortable challenging a bully on their own?or if they do speak up and the behavior continues?they can reach out to supervisors, HR or other designated resources to help resolve the issues.
As for any bullies who may be watching: this video clearly shows that mistreating a fellow employee makes you look bad in the eyes of others and will not be tolerated in your workplace.

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