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Emotional Intelligence: A Scientifically Proven Method for Developing the Skills of Success

Emotional Intelligence: A Scientifically Proven Method for Developing the Skills of Success
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by Kate Ward

No doubt technical and task-oriented skills are important to bring to anyworking environment, but research has proven that real success comes from thosewho have honed the soft skill of emotional intelligence. No organization iswithout its ups, downs, and of course, turnarounds, which is why emotionalintelligence is an essential aspect for anyone in the working field. In a worldof deadlines, organizational changes, limited resources, and conflicting orders(to name a few stressors), having the ability to control your emotions isessential to navigating the unavoidably high-stress environment that oftenshapes the working world.

But it's not just about taking control of your reactions toemotionally-charged situations. Emotional intelligence is recognizing youremotional triggers and knowing when and how to use them in a way that enablesyou to not only deal with these stressors objectively, but to also developstrong connections with your co-workers. Emotional Intelligence: AScientifically Proven Method for Developing the Skills of Success,introduces the four essential aspects to honing this soft skill - intrapersonalskills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, and resilience - and strategies fordeveloping each; helping you to confront issues, tackle problems, and managechange and stress with composure and clarity.

Available as classroom training and as a self-study e-learningprogram, Emotional Intelligence is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a full suite of unlimited-usecontent that's downloadable, customizable, and reproducible. Easy to edit inboth Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, this training solution is anaffordable, one-time purchase and yours to reproduce as needed.

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Extended Description

Learning Outcomes:

  • Manage your emotions by recognizing how thoughts and emotions areconnected.
  • Improve your self-control by identifying physical cues that indicate youremotions may be taking over.
  • Discover how emotional intelligence can help you develop more positiverelationships at work.
  • Learn how to use assertive communication to express your needs andfeelings appropriately.
  • Learn how to respond more quickly and positively to changingcircumstances.
  • Improve your ability to remain composed in stressful situations.
  • Explore how to use emotional intelligence to bounce back fromsetbacks.
  • Learn how to develop a more optimistic outlook.

Program Contents:

  • Definition of Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Case for Emotional Intelligence
  • Aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience

Classroom Version

  • 4 hours / Half Day
  • Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPointpresentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, and CourseEvaluation
  • Also Included: Action Plan and Test Your Knowledge

e-Learning Version

  • Approx. 55 minutes
  • Includes PowerPoint presentation
  • Also Included: Quizzes and Case Study

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