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Empathy Construct Rating Scale Leader's Manual

Empathy Construct Rating Scale Leader's Manual
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by Elaine La Monica Rigolosi

Manual for the Empathy Construct Rating Scale - (ECRSLG).

Empathy in client/patient settings is essential for nurses, helpers/caregivers, physicians, associates, lawyers, counselors and other professionals. The ability to express an awareness of and appreciation for emotions can significantly influence a client/patient's satisfaction, adherence to recommendations and outcomes.

The Empathy Construct Rating Scale is am 84-item, self-scored instrument designed to measure empathy in one's self or another person. Participants are asked to read each statement and use graduated responses (extremely unlike to extremely like) to describe how they perceive themselves or another person to be like or unlike the statement. The instrument includes scoring instructions and help with interpreting the result.

Sample statements:

  • Allows people to cry and offers support
  • Seems inconsiderate of other people's feelings
  • Is impatient and seems abrupt
  • Is cruel and heartless during a crisis
  • Is kind, positive, warm and accepting of others

In no time, this powerful profile delivers new insight that will help professionals in caring professions be better able to:

  • Soothe others during stressful situations
  • Be tactful
  • Value the opinions and ideas of others
  • Respect individual differences
  • Protect the privacy of others
  • Be responsive
  • Show consideration of others' feelings
  • And more

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