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Experience Explorer™ - Extra Card Deck

Experience Explorer™ - Extra Card Deck
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Experience Explorer Cards

Each participant in an Experience Explorerô session needs one deck of the Experience Explorerô cards. Participants use the card deck during a facilitated Experience Explorerô session to explore their most memorable workplace experiences and what they learned about leadership from each experience. Experience Explorerô card deck is much more than a personal inventory of experiences and lessons. It emphasizes the proven findings at the core of CCL research into the specific types of experiences and dimensions of lessons common to leading in organizations. It is recommended that each participant receive an Experience Explorerô Card Deck to have the most effective facilitated training experience.

Card Deck Includes:

  • 52 experience cards each representing one of
    15 experiences from which leadership is learnt.
  • 42 lesson cards each representing one of 3 kinds
    of leadership capabilities for development.
  • 5 instruction cards that guide you on the
    Experience Explorerô process.
Available separately is the Experience Explorerô Facilitator's Sample Set - a complete guide to preparing, running and debriefing your Experience Explorerô session. Includes a Facilitator's Guide and one card deck.

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