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Extraordinary Teams- Theoretical Background

Extraordinary Teams- Theoretical Background
Extraordinary Teams Theoretical Background
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The Extraordinary Teams Model links the two prominent aspects of an excep?tional team?outstanding results and personal transformation?with the Five Indicators of Extraordinary Teams. Outstanding team accomplishment is the external, visible, and more typically understood aspect of an amazing group at work. Personal transformation is the internal, often invisible, and frequently neglected dimension of an exceptional team experience. These two balance each other and are achieved because of the presence of the five indicators measured by the ETI. The indicators are distinct but are interactive and interdependent.

The ETI Profile, the Workshop, and the Workbook offer team members opportu?nities to learn about and reflect on each element of this model, understand the relationships between the elements, and consider action steps that can enhance the team?s effectiveness.

Download the complete Theoretical Background to learn more.

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