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Training tools for developing great people skills.

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Customer Favorites

Our customer favorites have proven time and time again to be the best in soft-skills training. Whether you're looking for an employee skills assessment or experiential learning activities, we've got what you need to make a positive difference in your organization. Try one out today and see why these programs are our customers' favorites!

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HRDQ can deliver any of these training programs for you!

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  • Personal Style Inventory Personal Style Inventory
    HRDQ's Personal Style Inventory makes identifying and understanding personal style easy. Based on Carl Jung's theory of psychological types, PSI has helped thousands of people answer the question, "Why do I act the way I do?"
  • Supervisory Skills Questionnaire Supervisory Skills Questionnaire
    Supervisors are the vital link between your organization and its work groups. And frankly, theyíre the reason work gets done. Help supervisors to develop the skills they need to face everyday challenges with the Supervisory Skills Questionnaire, the bestselling assessment that enables them to develop five key skills and the ability to balance the sometimes opposing demands of management and employees.
  • Negotiating Style Profile Negotiating Style Profile
    Negotiating Style Profile offers a simple framework for determining one's negotiating style and the likely effect of that style in a negotiating situation. Ultimately, participants will learn to focus on those skills and methods that are likely to produce synergistic outcomes.
  • Coaching Skills Inventory Coaching Skills Inventory
    The Coaching Skills Inventory offers a logical, 7-step formula for conducting coaching meetings that are based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Interpersonal Influence Inventory Interpersonal Influence Inventory
    Do the people in your organization know how they "come across" to others? Help them to become more effective communicators, and show them how to use their influence wisely with the Interpersonal Influence Inventory.
  • Leading Change at Every Level Leading Change at Every Level
    In decades past, change leadership used to fall squarely on the shoulders of the executive echelon. But in todayís empowered organizations, the responsibility of championing change cascades throughout the organization, regardless of authority or position. Leading Change at Every Level is comprehensive self-assessment and classroom workshop that measures skill level and develops the five behaviors of effective change leaders. Itís the training toolkit every trainer needs to build competent change leaders from the top to bottom.
  • Conflict Strategies Inventory Conflict Strategies Inventory
    Conflict Strategies Inventory is a soft-skills training program on conflict management strategies, based on the Blake and Mouton Styles Grid. The assessment identifies an individual's preferred conflict strategy, examines each strategy, and enables individuals to develop an action plan to put learning into action.
  • Mastering the Change Curve Mastering the Change Curve
    Proactively managing organizational change can result in a corporate culture that is optimistic - fueled by empowered leadership and employees who feel valued and secure. Mastering the Change Curve will train your team to identify and understand the four phases of change: Denial, Resistance, Exploration and Commitment and provide skills to help each individual productively navigate through the process.
  • Learning to Listen Learning to Listen
    Statistics show that people remember only half of what they hear, even moments after they've heard it. Surprising? The fact is that although most of us like to think we're good listeners, almost everyone needs to improve their listening skills. Learning to Listen offers a fresh approach to this common problem. The 30-item inventory focuses on both the visible and invisible aspects of listening behavior.
  • Jungle Escape Jungle Escape
    An HRDQ client favorite, Jungle Escape is a high-energy team building game thatís perfect for introducing and reinforcing the concept of effective teamwork, and developing the group process skills that are needed for cohesive team performance.
  • HRDQ's Team Adventure Series HRDQ's Team Adventure Series
    The HRDQ Team Adventure Series is a fun and memorable way to demonstrate the concept of team synergy ó the phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts. Each simulation provides a safe, open environment in which participants can learn and practice key process skills that lead to synergy, including problem solving, communicating effectively, managing and resolving conflict, and consensus decision making.
  • Mars Surface Rover Game Mars Surface Rover Game
    Breathe new life into your training with two action-packed games that will send your audience on space-age adventures in team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Surface Rover transforms your classroom into a top-secret development lab when your audience is challenged to design and develop a new prototype vehicle for NASA.