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General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied?(and just plain keeping them) - DVD (DS)

General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied?(and just plain keeping them) - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 20 Minutes

Did you know that most patient complaints have nothing to do with medical issues? On the contrary, most complaints arise because patients feel they aren't being listened to, or feel that their questions or concerns are being left unanswered. To guarantee patient satisfaction and patient retention in this day and age it's imperative that your staff understands the importance of consistently addressing patients' emotional needs.

Through dramatic, entertaining vignettes, CRM Learning's video program, General Hospitable shows each member of your staff how easy and satisfying it can be to turn up their level of care.Comprised of seven mini-episodes, General Hospitable depicts a day-in-the-life of a patient –Gladys – beginning with her admission to the hospital and continuing right on through to her discharge. At each stage, viewers first see somewhat lackluster interactions between Gladys and health professionals followed by actively caring ones – a juxtaposition that neatly drives home what an enormous difference a shift in focus can mean to patient and staff alike.

General Hospitable is filled with customer service tips your staff can put to use immediately. But more than just teach specific skills, it provides your team with a vision of what your facility can be when everyone sets their sights on consistently delivering top quality care to your patients.

Participants will learn to:

  • Avoid jargon and give patients all the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Ease patient's anxiety by taking ample time to explain discharge information
  • Solicit patients' problems so you can correct them
  • Respect patients' privacy and knock before entering
  • Safeguard patient confidentiality and avoid making negative comments where patients can overhear
  • Practice service recovery by really listening, apologizing and resolving any problems

Discussion questions cover leadership and management, teamwork, how to handle change, values, and the challenges of customer service. There are also dozens of innovative ideas for integrating the Fun is Good attitude into any organization – any day and every day.


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