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Complete Reproducible GO Team Leader Library

Complete Reproducible GO Team Leader Library
Includes downloadable files for the Facilitator Guide and Participant Guides
Digital Download
Item ID:2760E1RGTL-LDR

The complete GO Team® Leader Library includes 7 modules:

  • Getting Ground in Team Basics
  • Building on Style Differences
  • Enhancing Team Communication
  • Running Effective Team Meetings
  • Avoiding Group Think
  • Sparking Team Creativity
  • Managing Change

GO Team® is a powerful and flexible learning resource that employs a range of learning approaches that supports all kinds of teams. As a result, teams are constantly engaged, constantly challenged, and always developing towards higher performance. As GO Team® has grown clients have asked "I'm a leader of teams. What do you have for me?" Introducing GO Team® for leaders. GO Team® is divided into 18, highly engaging modules, GO Team® for leaders is built on the same great content.

Delivered to you in a fully reproducible pdf file, each module in the GO Team® for Leaders line includes the facilitator guide and participant guide so you will have team leader training you need, whenever you need it. There is no "correct" sequence to the modules so you can choose the topics right for your team, build your own training agenda, and print and facilitate whenever you need it!

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