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Magic Of We, Full Package - DVD (DS)

Magic Of We, Full Package - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 5 segments, 8 minutes each

This innovative video program tells the compelling and true story of how management andemployees turned Snapper Lawnmowers around – together, and turned a $54 million dollar lossinto a $13 million dollar profit.

In The Magic of We, you'll see a team of 25 Snapper employees gather in the main plant on aSaturday morning for a very different kind of meeting. Senior managers, engineers, suppliers,customer service and marketing are assigned one task: Put together 4 lawnmowers themselves.

It comes down to nuts and bolts – literally! As they work, these diverse teams realize that a universal bolt that was supposed to streamline production is causing more problems than it was supposed to solve. See how they use the 'magic of we' to find the solution.

The Magic of We is one story, shown five times with five different intros and closings, each addressing a different topic area:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Communication

Here is just a sample of the learning points covered:

  • Gain first hand knowledge and experience. Walk your "four corners". (Leadership)
  • Understand the team's mission and each individual's role. (Teamwork)
  • Step outside your day-to-day environment to change your perspective. (Problem Solving)
  • Help create a work environment that brings down barriers to talking, listening, and sharing. (Communication)


DVD plus Downloadable Materials

Downloadable Materials:

Leader's Guide, Powerpoint Presentation

Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

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