Managing for Employee Engagement

Managing for Employee Engagement

Managing for Employee Engagement helps managers get their arms around what causes job misery and provides them with simple, but successful solutions for boosting job satisfaction in their employees.

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Managing for Employee Engagement
by Patrick Lencioni

A miserable job is not the same as a bad job. A miserable job is one that causes anxiety and the "Sunday blues": those awful feelings of dread and depression. Miserable jobs drain people of their energy, confidence, and self-esteem. Miserable jobs also have a huge impact on an organization, its productivity, turnover, morale - and its bottom line.

According to Patrick Lencioni, author of the bestselling book "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job," there are three underlying factors that are causing what he believes has become an epidemic in today's business world:

  • Anonymity: Employees feel unknown or invisible at work
  • Irrelevance: Employees sense the work they are doing has no impact
  • Immeasurement: Employees are unable to measure their contributions or success
Lencioni points out that while the "Three Signs" are simple - maybe even obvious - most managers fail to satisfy their employees with these fundamentals of a meaningful job. He tackles the topic of misery at work with Managing for Employee Engagement, a powerful new assessment and training workshop that targets and develops the ability of managers to effectively engage, motivate, and retain employees.

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