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Training tools for developing great people skills.

One-Day and Multi-Day Learning Programs

A powerful alternative to traditional classroom training

Our one-day and multi-day programs allow you to delve deep into soft-skills training and really revolutionize an organization by having a robust learning experience for participants. These programs are in-depth, sophisticated experiential learning events that allow for skills assessment, reflection on past experience, recognition of behaviors and preferences, and creation of an action plan for improvement. A range of topics are available, from negotiation training to employee performance management, change management training, communication styles, and more.

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  • HRDQ Programs Brochure HRDQ Programs Brochure
    A free PDF download containing information about HRDQ Programs.
  • Building The Communication Bridge Program Building The Communication Bridge Program
    The more we know about ourselves as speakers and listeners, the better able we are to build the “communication bridge” that allows us to send, receive, and interpret messages with ease. Building the Communication Bridge helps to provide that needed insight. Complete and ready-to-train, the program focuses on the basic speaking and listening skills needed for successful face-to-face interactions.
  • Coaching Achievement Program Coaching Achievement Program
    In today’s competitive environment, organizations cannot afford to lose talented employees. But individuals who are not properly coached can become under utilized, error prone, and unable to meet their goals. That’s why it’s critical for managers and leaders to coach for achievement every day.
  • Creating Team Synergy Program Creating Team Synergy Program
    Have you ever witnessed a winning sports team, a well-rehearsed orchestra, or a synchronized surgical unit and felt the commitment and energy the team demonstrated? What you saw was more than just teamwork — it was team synergy, a phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts.
  • Influencing With Assertive Communication Program Influencing With Assertive Communication Program
    From resolving misunderstandings with teammates to negotiating the terms of a contract, we’re all faced with the need to influence others. But mastering the skill of assertive communication takes time and practice. Influencing with Assertive Communication is a one-day program aimed at developing the skills individuals need to express themselves directly and honestly, while preserving relationships and respecting the rights of others.
  • LeadingSuccess Program LeadingSuccess Program
    Transform managers into empowered, committed leaders with LeadingSuccess. This intense, proactive training program gives participants the forum to hone key leadership abilities that will help them have a direct effect on employee performance.
  • Negotiating Win-Win Solutions Program Negotiating Win-Win Solutions Program
    When it comes to negotiating, being “nice” doesn’t have to mean losing — or being the only one to benefit, either. In a world where we’ve been trained and rewarded to compete and win, the Negotiating Win-Win Solutions program attempts to reverse the win-lose perspective and provide a problem-solving approach to negotiation that helps each person involved in the negotiation to walk away feeling like a winner.
  • NegotiatingSuccess Program NegotiatingSuccess Program
    Many of us negotiate every day, both in business and personal interactions. All of these negotiations involve 2 critical factors: the outcome and the relationship that exists between the negotiators. In an increasingly fast-paced and competitive marketplace, we can’t afford to jeopardize either. For building the skill set needed to foster partnerships and achieve favorable agreements, NegotiatingSuccess™ is the solution.
  • PartnerPower Program PartnerPower Program
    Partnering, a synergistic alliance between two organizations, can lead to greater productivity, reduced costs, and increased marketplace value for both parties involved. But to be successful, these coalitions require a high degree of trust, a strong desire for mutual gains, and extensive information sharing.
  • Supervising With Confidence Supervising With Confidence
    The role of supervisor has changed dramatically through the evolution of the organization. Supervising with Confidence gives supervisors practical training for today's on-the-job challenges. The complete and ready-to-train workshop provides the rare opportunity to examine skill strengths and development areas as well as practice strategies, all in a safe learning environment.
    Great teams don’t just happen. Authentic teamwork is built upon true commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence - qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time.
  • Working Through Organizational Change Program Working Through Organizational Change Program
    Everyone has a reaction to change, whether the change is organization wide or specific to individual departments or employees. The more we know about the process of change, the better equipped we are to take steps toward the acceptance of change and adapt to it in our work and our lives.