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Training tools for developing great people skills.

New Titles

new human resource training programs
  • Mars Rover Challenge | New Titles | HRDQ Mars Rover Challenge A hybrid game and workshop, the Mars Rover Challenge immerses participants in action-packed games that teach team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Rover Challenge transforms your training room into a Rover development lab where your audience must design and develop a prototype for the World Space Agency
  • Personality Style at Work | New Titles | HRDQ Personality Style at Work Learn how to turn your personality into a competitive advantage with the help of Personality at Work, the new go-to guide that shows you how to quickly and accurately identify your personality style, decode the behavior of others, and spot different personalities. And that’s not all. This book also clues you in on how to effectively flex and tweak the way you communicate, your language, body gestures, and physical space to create a better match when a natural “fit” just isn’t there—with just about anyone or in any situation.
  • Choose Happiness at Work | New Titles | HRDQ Choose Happiness at Work Grounded in solid science, Choose Happiness @ Work is an exciting card system designed to maximize team performance and employee engagement.
  • NEW Human Resources Training DVDs | New Titles | HRDQ NEW Human Resources Training DVDs Provide learners with a captivating learning experience by utilizing video-based training programs. These dramatic-format videos use professional actors to demonstrate real-world business situations.
  • Reproducible Training Library | New Titles | HRDQ Reproducible Training Library Learn more about our ever expanding library of completely reproducible and customizable digital training materials. It's the only training package you'll ever need to purchase!
  • Bridging the Communication Divide | New Titles | HRDQ Bridging the Communication Divide Bridging the Communication Divide is an experiential game that explores the impact personality style has on communication. These communication skills activities introduce a practical communication style model that helps people to make improvements to their communication skills.
  • Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go | New Titles | HRDQ Trust Your Canary: Respect On-The-Go Trust Your Canary tools equip your leaders and staff with hands-on strategies to prevent and deal with workplace incivility and harassment. These information-packed products inspire and mobilize people to step up in the service of civility and respect.
  • Catalyst: Communication and Think Improvement for Line-Level Leaders | New Titles | HRDQ Catalyst: Communication and Think Improvement for Line-Level Leaders Catalyst is a fun, interactive game that helps individuals and teams to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in verbal communication. It is appropriate for any organizational level and can be used as a tool in soft-skills training, employee interviews, or company orientation.
  • Thumball Energizers | New Titles | HRDQ Thumball Energizers Thumballs get the conversation going about what skills great leaders and team members possess. Thumballs guide players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own strengths or opportunities for improvement.
  • Extraordinary Teams | New Titles | HRDQ Extraordinary Teams Extraordinary Teams is the powerful new training solution that will transform your organization's teams from just plain ordinary to extraordinary! Based on the popular book, Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results, this combination online team inventory, participant workbook, and half-day workshop offers a thorough examination of team effectiveness.
  • Learning to Listen, 3rd Edition | New Titles | HRDQ Learning to Listen, 3rd Edition Learning to Listen is a communication assessment and soft-skills training program that measures both visible and invisible listening skills. This listening skills test helps individuals to develop their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses so they are better equipped to handle customer complaints, negotiate contracts, manage teams, and more.Learning to Listen is a great foundation for any communication skills training program.
  • Powerpoint Training Games | New Titles | HRDQ Powerpoint Training Games Available for immediate download, these PowerPoint-based games feature one-click scoring, colorful graphics, and custom animations. Sound effects, custom graphics, and functionality are built in, so all you have to do is enter your questions and answers into the template slides, and you’re ready to go.
  • Supervisory Skills Questionnaire | New Titles | HRDQ Supervisory Skills Questionnaire It's the tool thousands of trainers have relied upon for supervisory skills training and now the fourth edition has just arrived with a fresh design and numerous enhancements.