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Organizational Trust: Strengthen and Restore Respect, Faith, and Integrity at Work

Organizational Trust: Strengthen and Restore Respect, Faith, and Integrity at Work
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by Janis Fisher Chan

While the nature of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities certainly make upa large portion of employee job satisfaction, more often than not, the mostinfluential aspect has to do with the interaction between colleagues.Organizations that promote a positive, supportive working environment orrather, those that emphasize a culture of trust are also those with the highestrecruitment and retention rates – this is because they lay the groundwork foreffecting respect, faith, and integrity at all levels. In turn, personalattributes such as these have far-reaching effects on the organization'ssuccess – they're more credible, productive, flexible, innovative, and able toadapt to changing circumstances and effectively handle crises.

Organizational Trust is about helping managers supervisors, andleaders to effect these outcomes by building, improving, or restoring anenvironment of trust. Participants begin by examining the quality of trust onan organizational and personal level (or how trustworthy others perceive themto be) and then reviewing the characteristics and behaviors which shape trust.They'll also learn to identify the warning signs of a low-trust organization,providing the opportunity to implement techniques for handling and combatingdistrustful behaviors before they escalate.

Available as classroom training and as a self-study e-learningprogram, Organizational Trust is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a full suite of unlimited-usecontent that's downloadable, customizable, and reproducible. Easy to edit inboth Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, this training solution is anaffordable, one-time purchase and yours to reproduce as needed.

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Extended Description

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assess the level of trust in your organization and your owntrustworthiness.
  • Be mindful of the results of distrust between employees and for anorganization.
  • Identify the characteristics that engender trusting employees andorganizations.
  • Discover the common "trust busters" and specific actions you can take toprevent their presence in the workplace.
  • Explore the ways organizations and teams can build a culture oftrust.
  • Identify the warning signs of a low-trust organization and how to restoretrust when it's been lost.

Program Contents:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Self-Assessment
  • Why Trust Matters
  • The Fundamentals of Trust
  • Strengthening Trust

Classroom Version

  • 4 hours / Half Day
  • Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPointpresentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, and CourseEvaluation
  • Also Included: Action Plan and Test Your Knowledge

e-Learning Version

  • Approx. 30 minutes
  • Includes PowerPoint presentation
  • Also Included: Quizzes and Case Study

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