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PowerPoint Presentation Game Add-In 6.0

PowerPoint Presentation Game Add-In 6.0
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The Presentation Game makes your presentation interactive, engaging and fun! It turns a tiresome, tedious presentation into an exciting Presentation Game.

Today's audiences want to be involved and engaged. We now understand that people learn and retain more when they are engaged. You know this yourself because you've probably sat through a few long and boring presentations that seemingly have no end! You may have read an article or two about the phenomenon known as "Death by PowerPoint".

The Presentation Game is unique because you can play an exciting Jeopardy-style game WHILE YOU PRESENT! The Presentation Game instantly installs in PowerPoint and is there for you every time you open PowerPoint. The Presentation Game is packed with game features which allow you to add Multiple Choice, True/False or Open Ended question formats into your presentation at the touch of a button, provides scoring for up to 36 teams or players, and contains a Jeopardy-style game board that jumps to your game questions and then right back to the spot you left off of in your presentation.

Includes the following game features:

  • Random Player Selector randomly chooses a player or team to answer the next question.
  • Random Number Selector chooses a number from 1 ? 10,000, depending on how you set it up. Play BINGO, roll dice, run a ticket raffle, or get creative with this great random number feature.
  • Random Action Selector allows you to input and display random actions you want your teams or players to perform if they get a game question wrong, or right! Use the Random Action Selector as an Icebreaker to start your program off with a BANG!
  • Random Point Selector adds a bit of chance and intrigue into any game you design.
  • Game Timer for timing program exercises, or meeting breaks. This timer can be paused and can be set from one minute up to four hours.
  • Rules/Notes Screen. Pop-up this screen to review game rules with your players or to jot down follow-up questions.

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