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PowerPoint Quiz Show Games 8-Pack, Volume 2

PowerPoint Quiz Show Games 8-Pack, Volume 2
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Spice up your next training with the following 8 great quiz show games:

  • Money Tax – Answer 12 questions to advance to your destination before you get 3 strikes. Based on the TV show.
  • Truth or Consequences Quiz – Answer the questions correctly or suffer the consequences! Up to 4 teams can play.
  • The TV Quiz Show – Answer questions from the question bank.
  • Global InJeopardy – Jeopardy style game
  • Mazing Race – Correct responses allow you to run a maze, score points and have FUN!
  • Wheel of Fame & Fortune – Answer YOUR training questions, then spin the wheel, grab a vowel and solve the puzzle.
  • Make a Deal – Players get the best deal as they learn your training material.
  • Pyramid of the Sun Quiz – Two teams compete to see how many pyramids they can build.

Game features include a built-in score-keeping manager, musical intros and finales, easy push button movement around the game, random team selectors as well as great game sounds and game animations. Designed for multiple teams or players, the games accommodate True/False and Multiple Choice question formats. Even add trivia questions to turn these games into icebreakers.

Simply add your own training questions into the game and you?re ready to go. Games can be renamed and saved over and over again to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs.

These 8 PowerPoint Games are great fun in a classroom setting, and may also be posted on your organization?s server, company intranet or any secure page on your website. They works with ALL versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 and later, and is a terrific way to engage your class participants.

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