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Training tools for developing great people skills.

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

In todayís ultra-competitive work atmosphere, professionals must have great decision making skills. Coupled with this, the ability to solve complex problems, extract solutions and simplify them is key in the modern business climate.

Because these are continuously evolving skillsets, various tools and resources are available to sharpen problem solving skills. Another key aspect is how you think and reason. For this, critical thinking and reasoning is an area where employees need to have adequate exposure.

HRDQ resources explore all angles of problem solving and decision making through a variety of assessments, activities, and games.

  • 25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activities 25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activities
    25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Activities provides the tools to enhance these skills, using a variety of self-analysis assessments, survey instruments, structured experiences, and teaching resources.
  • 50 Activities for Developing Critical Thinking Skills 50 Activities for Developing Critical Thinking Skills
    50 Activities for Developing Critical Thinking Skills contains 50 fully reproducible training activities to develop quick thinking, creative thinking and analytical thinking skills. This compendium of activities will add real value to your training by taking critical thinking skills out of the box and into the workplace. Learners will sharpen their critical thinking skills and develop a thought process that is creative, accurate, and assumption-free.
  • DecideX Strategic Decision-Making Instrument DecideX Strategic Decision-Making Instrument
    DecideX is a 24-question Organizational Engineering Instrument developed from the work of Dr. Gary J. Salton. Organizational Engineering is defined as a branch of knowledge that seeks to understand, measure, predict, and guide the behavior of groups in a way that produces positive organizational outcomes.
  • Decision-Making Style Inventory Decision-Making Style Inventory
    The Decision-Making Style Inventory is an easy way to assess decision-making style. Individuals identify a personal preference for one of four styles, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each style, and understand how to communicate successfully with people who have different decision-making styles.
  • The Ethical Type Indicator The Ethical Type Indicator
    How do you resolve the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in your life? Can you identify, articulate, and defend the ethical principles that govern and influence your ethical and moral decision-making? What ethical type are you?
  • Force Field Problem Solving Model Force Field Problem Solving Model
    Provide groups with a reliable and systematic framework for solving complex problems. Participants learn a 5Ėstep process to guide them from defining a problem to creating action plans for strategies, and help them make their organizations more productive.
  • Intuitive Decision Making Profile Intuitive Decision Making Profile
    Give your participants a key competitive advantage with the Intuitive Decision Making Profile (IDMP). This assessment helps individuals learn to make complex decisions by putting their "database" of real-world knowledge and experience to work using their intuition.
  • Junkyard Games Junkyard Games
    Junkyard Games is an exciting new training game from HRDQ that combines energy and fun with creativity and process improvement. Teams work together, plan, strategize, and execute their ideas to achieve a common goal Ė all while having fun in a learning safe environment. There isnít any right or wrong, only learning from successes and mistakes.
  • Participative Management Profile Participative Management Profile
    The Participative Management Profile fills the need to have an inventory that helps leaders clear up the ambiguities on the subject matter while providing a simple, straightforward self-assessment and feedback tool.
  • Pen & Paper Games Pen & Paper Games
    Pen and Paper Games for Training is a collection of 40 activities that exercise both the logical left and creative right sides of the brain. Appropriate for both group learning and one-to-one coaching, this collection has many different applications including communication, presentation, listening, and problem-solving skill development.
  • Problem Solved! Problem Solved!
    Problem Solved! is a 25-item assessment providing participants with an easy-to-use, 5-step problem-solving process. By using this process, individuals can identify and monitor their skill level at each step.
  • Problem-Solving Style Inventory Problem-Solving Style Inventory
    Problem Solving Style Inventory is designed to help you understand and assess your own problem-solving and decision-making behavior when faced with difficult workplace situations. PSSI is an ideal tool for both self- and peer-evaluation.
  • Tall Ships Tall Ships
    The Seven Cís of Effective Team Performance are realistically demonstrated in HRDQís Tall Ships simulation game. Develop high-performing teams and increase overall success by focusing on improving in these seven critical areas.
  • What Would You Do? Training Game What Would You Do? Training Game
    Explore the concepts of teamwork and ethical decision making with What Would You Do?, an interactive game that uses eight moral dilemmas to teach these concepts and illustrate the impact that oneís decisions have on teams and the organization.
  • Customizable and Reproducible Products Customizable and Reproducible Products
    Problem solving and decision making define the path of organizational growth. Get your team thinking critically and creatively, and watch performance and processes improve.