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Selling Essentials: Coaching for Performance

Selling Essentials: Coaching for Performance
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Ask any manager about sales coaching, and you're likely to see them rolltheir eyes in response. Why? Because most managers claim they don't have thetime, the skills, the patience, or the need to do it. But in reality, creatinga coaching culture will fundamentally change the way business is done. It willenable your organization to develop the potential of its sales team, retain itstop performers, and multiply sales. And guess what? Coaching doesn't involvehours of classroom time, role playing, or a three-day retreat at a farawayconference center. In fact, it's not that at all. Coaching is about building atrust-based relationship that's focused on mutual growth, a little know-howabout personal style, the ability to be flexible, and knowing when to seizeeveryday moments as learning opportunities.

The seventh module of the in-depth Selling Essentials trainingseries, Coaching for Performance targets the skills sales managers need to beeffective coaches throughout the selling process, from high-level planning inthe early stages to tactical decision making later in the cycle.

Available as classroom training and as a self-study e-learningprogram, Selling Essentials: Coaching for Performance is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a full suite of unlimited-usecontent that's downloadable, customizable, and reproducible. Easy to edit inboth Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, this training solution is anaffordable, one-time purchase and yours to reproduce as needed.

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Extended Description

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what the term "coaching" means in a professional setting
  • Comprehend the importance of effective coaching and feedback
  • Know your strengths and areas for improvement as a coach
  • Be able to describe the challenges of coaching
  • Understand and apply a 3-step coaching model
  • Demonstrate the best practices for giving feedback

Program Contents:

  • What Is Coaching All About?
  • Coaching Styles and Motivation
  • Improving Performance Through Coaching

Classroom Version

  • 4 hours / Half Day
  • Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPointpresentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, and CourseEvaluation
  • Also Included: Self Assessment, Group Activities,Planning Worksheet for Prospecting Calls, Qualifying Checklist,and Action Plan

e-Learning Version

  • Approx. 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Includes PowerPoint presentation
  • Also Included: Quizzes and Case Study

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