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Stress Is A Gift - DVD (DS)

Stress Is A Gift - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 4 minutes

It turns out that a little bit of stress can be good for you!

Stress is a Gift, a meeting opener from CRM Learning, will change the way you think about the challenges of work – and life – forever. While chronic stress can certainly be detrimental, this four-minute video vividly illustrates why nature intended all of us to face adversity from time to time. It demonstrates that stress can serve a purpose and sparks discussion on stress and its manifestations.

The video takes you inside the Biosphere project, a glass-walled dome in the Arizona desert where scientists monitored hundreds of varieties of animals and plants. They discovered that without the stress of occasional winds, sturdy Acacia trees failed to develop the specialized bark necessary to grow strong.

Participants are left to ponder their own stress patterns.

  • Do they avoid challenges, thereby missing out on chances to learn and grow?
  • Do they put themselves in situations where there is excessive stress?
  • Or, do they feel they have achieved a healthy balance?

Stress is a Gift comes with a leader's guide filled with ideas for using this compelling message in a variety of training settings. It's an empowering way to open a meeting – or give any group new energy to take on the day.


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