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Taking Charge Of Change, Healthcare Version - DVD (DS)

Taking Charge Of Change, Healthcare Version - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 20 minutes


  • Helps healthcare workers understand the change process
  • Provides practical tools for efficiently transitioning from "old" to "new"
  • Enables the organization to experience less resistance to new initiatives

Change often produces fear and resistance. But, with the proper tools and attitude, change can be a morale and confidence-building experience. The three-step model presented in this video program helps healthcare workers let go of the past, deal with uncertainty and get energized by future possibilities.

Over the past few decades, the healthcare industry has undergone massive amounts of change.And, there's no end in sight. Healthcare workers at every level of the organization are constantly being asked to adopt new technologies, new skills and new attitudes.

As human beings, employees tend to prefer the familiar over the unknown. So, they see organizational change as a profound challenge they are not emotionally equipped to handle. This film is a critically needed tool for teaching individuals how to understand change, embrace it and make it work to maximum advantage. Emotionally engaging vignettes, combined with a simple three-step model, inspire people to overcome their resistance to change and see it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Viewers will learn to:

  • Follow a simple model for transitioning through the 3 stages of change ("endings", "the neutral zone" and "beginnings")
  • Abandon limiting thought patterns and self-images
  • Get excited by new initiatives rather than be victimized by them
  • Embrace cooperation and productivity during change


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