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Team-Work & Team-Roles Assessment

Team Roles at Work - Team Games for Work

by Frederick Mumma

Team Work & Team Roles at Work

The Team-Work and Team-Roles assessment helps individuals and teams better understand how their preferences for different types of work can affect the overall result. Participants will learn to recognize the unique strengths of each team member and identify the phases of a team task; thus enabling them to pinpoint the role each contributor should take in order to get the job done.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify preferred individual and team roles and work phases
  • Learn how to deliberately cultivate missing team roles and work phases
  • Discover how to resolve team roles that conflict
  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of teams that are ďstuckĒ in various team-work/team-role combinations

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Using an 18-item assessment, team members rank-order sets of four statements describing their manner of working in a team. This assessment will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. A team profile (created by compiling individual profiles) and group discussion then help the teams to discover how they can modify their behavior to ensure roles and phases are addressed.

Product Type



Teamsí effectiveness in work phases and roles


Team Work:

Initiation, Ideation, Elaboration, Completion

Team Roles:

Leader, Moderator, Creator, Innovator, Manager, Organizer, Evaluator, Finisher

Time Required

1.5 hours


Print (approximately 20 minutes)

Order 1 Facilitator Guide per facilitator and 1 Participant Guide per participant.

Team-Work & Team-Roles has an extremely good model. I use the assessment to diagnose team problems and itís a great entree to team dynamics. In fact, I recommend it for designing and putting together teams. Les Helms | Professor, Columbus State Community College and President, L&L Training Solutions Inc.
Team-Work & Team-Roles has been a very powerful tool for us. Itís given us a model for effective group work that we refer to continually. It explains what we can expect from our teams now ó and exactly how we can go about improving them in the future. Nancy K. Woronick | Vice President Human Resources, Access Research Incorporated

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