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We're On The Same Team, Remember? DVD

We're On The Same Team, Remember? DVD
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Duration: 20 minutes

What can a mere 20 video minutes do to help all employees take a hard look at their own performance, operate as team players and understand the supreme importance of satisfying customers? Plenty.

In fact, no video training program has ever done so much for so many. We're on the Same Team, Remember? is one of today's most versatile and important teaching tools.

It dramatizes striking examples of how much can be lost when employees are careless,don't pull together and don't put the customer's real needs first. As the all too familiar drama unfolds, participants see how listening to clients' needs and expectations,clarifying inter- and intradepartmental tasks when servicing the customer, and being available and responsive are all crucial to keeping customers from going elsewhere.

The ending is left open-ended so that viewers' imaginations are challenged and the group can be left to discuss:

  • Why efficient teamwork has everything to do with customer satisfaction, job satisfaction and company survival
  • Why every employee in every department must focus on the needs of the customer.


DVD plus Downloadable Materials

Downloadable Materials:

Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook

Downloadable materials will be emailed after order completion.

Produced by CRM Learning.

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