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Training tools for developing great people skills.

When The Coach Is You! - DVD (DS)

When The Coach Is You! - DVD (DS)
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Duration: 18 minutes

These days, coaching isn't only the responsibility of the manager. Any team member may be called upon to coach a coworker. This video walks viewers through the practical steps to increasing success for coaches and learners in any organization. You'll visit an accounting office, a factory and service center as workers resist and stumble through the coaching process, finally learning to create positive outcomes.

This important training tool explores the perspective of both coach and learner. You will watch purchasing administrator Wes try to move Peggy from one-on-one vendor ordering to an online purchasing system. His incomplete coaching results in an ordering snafu on Peggy's part. Ultimately they learn to work together to make the coaching process successful.

In the factory, shop foreman Michelle enlists Hector to help a coworker increase productivity. Hector's not too keen on losing his own time on the line but in the end sees that teaching Arnold what he has learned over the years not only improves his coworker's skills and efficiency, but increases the entire shop's productivity.

At the service center, veteran service representative Todd is none too pleased to have a freshman rep assigned to coach him on calls. His defensiveness and stubbornness make it difficult for him to take Vicki's suggestions but Vicki's coaching allows him to see how his technical proficiency could be balanced with a greater sensitivity toward client needs.

You will watch the evolution of these encounters, skipping from one scenario to the next as each pair illustrates the skills necessary for successful coaching.

Viewers will explore how to:

  • prepare the learner
  • demonstrate for the learner the skills desired
  • establish and maintain a positive coaching atmosphere
  • let the learner perform his/her newly learned skills
  • follow up


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