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Women and Leadership: Working Through Barriers and Biases

Women and Leadership: Working Through Barriers and Biases
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by Kate Ward

Research studies have shown that companies with sustained highrepresentation of women – that is, three or more women board directors in atleast four of five years – significantly outperformed those with no women boarddirectors. Statistics like this prove women have the skills to not only take ontop leadership positions, but to also have an impressive impact on theirorganization's success. Still, we rarely see women in higher positions of powerbecause the reality of the glass ceiling is all too real. There exist amultitude of challenges preventing women from reaching higher level positions;including preconceived notions of a woman's working ability as it relates to asocietal and organizational context and from an internal context – or rather,those self-imposed barriers women place on themselves.

Women and Leadership identifies the specific challenges imposed onwomen in the workplace and provides an in-depth look at how they can combatthese obstacles to maximize their strengths - helping not only women, but allprofessionals and organizations as they work to build the leadership skills oftheir employees.

Companies that emphasize employee growth and development are moreappealing/less threatening to women. Kieran Snyder, Textio

Available as classroom training and as a self-study e-learningprogram, Women and Leadership is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a full suite of unlimited-usecontent that's downloadable, customizable, and reproducible. Easy to edit inboth Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, this training solution is anaffordable, one-time purchase and yours to reproduce as needed.

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Extended Description

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the challenges that women face as they pursue leadershippositions.
  • Assess limitations that women place on themselves.
  • Build skills that enhance your development as a leader.
  • Develop and manage relationships to maximize your leadershippotential.
  • Overcome work-life challenges.
  • Recognize special issues women leaders face when they interact withothers.
  • Use your natural strengths to build and maintain a strong team.
  • Implement a plan to target the leadership skills you most want toimprove.

Program Contents:

  • Challenges Women Face in Becoming Leaders
  • Inward-Focused Leadership Skills
  • Outward-Focused Leadership Skills
  • Planning Your Growth

Classroom Version

  • 4 hours / Half Day
  • Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPointpresentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, and CourseEvaluation
  • Also Included: Action Plan and Test Your Knowledge

e-Learning Version

  • Approx. 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Includes PowerPoint presentation
  • Also Included: Quizzes and Case Study

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