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How to be a-MAY-zing!

Posted by on 4/28/2017 to People Skills Training
How to be a-MAY-zing!
In May, we'll make it easy for you to fill the soft skills gaps in your organization, and make employees A-MAY-ZING. Stock up on your upcoming training for all topic areas, while solving the most complaints from managers:

* Are unprofessional.
* Have no self-awareness.
* Don't take personal responsibility or hold themselves accountable.
* Struggle to communicate with each other.
* Would rather avoid conflict than deal with it.
* Don't think critically.
* Don't know how to problem-solve, make decisions, and plan.
* Have problems deferring to authority.
* Don't understand the value of working as a team.

The big sale starts Monday, May 1st. Check your email every morning for that day's a-MAY-zing offer, and sign up here if you're not on the list!