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Online Assessments: Are you ready?

Posted by on 9/14/2017 to People Skills Training
Online Assessments: Are you ready?
The HRDQ Assessment Center offers a host of proven and reliable assessments that measure skills and behaviors on core topics such as communication, personality style, coaching, influencing, and managing change. Combined with the ease-of-use and advanced functionality of a web-based delivery system, HRDQ’s assessments provide valuable feedback that serve as a catalyst for improving personal and interpersonal productivity.

• No paper reports to manage, and no manual tabulation. 
• Easy for participants to use. Features such as email invitations, quick access, and clear instructions ensure learners can access and take the assessments easily. 
• Online tracking of participant progress. View the status of your projects at any time, and always know where each participant stands in the assessment process. 
• Personalized reports delivered directly to participants upon completion – or held for a future training event. You decide what best fits your training needs, and determine when personalized reports will be made available to participants. 
• Fast, helpful technical support.

Take advantage of online assessments to help you work more effectively while gaining more flexibility and control over your training. Getting started is easy. Access to the HRDQ Assessment Center is only a phone call away – simply give us a call at 800-633-4533 to set up your account.