Presentation Skills Profile - Online Assessment Test Drive

Presentation Skills Profile - Online Assessment Test Drive

This credit provides one free test drive of the Presentation Skills Profile Online Assessment.

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Presentation Skills Profile Online - Test Drive
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Presentation Skills Profile is designed for use by anyone who is called upon to prepare and deliver presentations. Those who require their audience to agree with a conclusion and/or course of action will gain particular benefit by using the profile. The model upon which the instrument is based may be applied in the following types of presentations:
  • Sales presentations (including presentations that require audiences to make a decision)
  • Motivational speeches
  • Coaching and training sessions
  • Information briefings
  • Entertainment
Presentation Skills Profile can be used to evaluate a specific presentation, measuring progress in preparing and delivering presentations. As with all HRDQ tools, the assessment is effective when used alone or as the centerpiece of a workshop or longer program on presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify and set presentation objectives
  • Discover how to analyze and involve the audience
  • Learn how to design and display effective visual aids
  • Practice staging presentations

The Presentation Skills Model at the center of the Presentation Skills Profile shows the influences of the relevant literature on presentation skills, including the work of Holcombe and Stein and others. The model contains the six presentation questions that help individuals turn lackluster presentations into engaging dialogues with their audiences.

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