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Bridging The Leadership Divide

Remove the barriers to productive relationships that are inherent in today’s multi-generational workforce. This instructor-led workshop helps both incumbent and emergent leaders to understand generational dynamics and improve relationships.

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Bridging The Leadership Divide by HRDQ
Bridging the Leadership Divide
by Ron Carucci, Josh Epperson, and Lela Tepavac

Generational differences, especially among leaders, are one of the most persistent challenges facing organizations today. With ever-widening gaps among leaders across an organization, the ability to build bridges between leaders of generational differences has never been more essential.

Bridging the Leadership Divide is a half-day to two-day workshop that helps leaders of multiple generations to remove the inherent barriers to productive relationships between incumbent and emerging leaders. While there is much information available on generational demographics, the focus of this program is on the relational aspects of generational dynamics.

Author Ron Carucci and his colleagues identify six patterns that distinguish distressed relationships from powerful relationships:
  • Rank
  • Meaningful Conversation
  • Inclusion and Engagement
  • Dreaming
  • Generosity
  • Gratitude

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