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Building The Communication Bridge

The more we know about ourselves as speakers and listeners, the better able we are to build the "communication bridge".

The communication bridge allows us to send, receive, and interpret messages with ease. Building the Communication Bridge helps to provide that needed insight. Complete and ready-to-train, the program focuses on the basic speaking and listening skills needed for successful face-to-face interactions.

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Building the Communication Bridge
by Kate Wartchow Earle and the HRDQ Development Team

The more we know about the way we communicate, the better we can build the "communication bridge" that leads to productive relationships. Building the Communication Bridge is designed for those who want to improve their speaking and listening skills, especially in face-to-face situations. Participants gain an increased awareness of how they behave, learn how to capitalize on strengths, and develop the areas needed to become more successful communicators.

HRDQ Programs are based on the Experiential Learning Model - a unique approach to adult learning that initiates and inspires lasting change. They blend the insight of a knowledgeable facilitator with a wealth of experiential learning activities, including assessments, simulations, hands-on games, and more. Because participants interact and use skills firsthand, they know how to put learning into immediate action.

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