Campbell Leadership Descriptor ONLINE - Group Registration

Campbell Leadership Descriptor ONLINE - Group Registration

Adds one credit to your Assessment Center Account. This credit will allow you to distribute the Campbell Leadership Descriptor Online Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant.

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The Campbell Leadership Descriptor is a self-assessment designed to help individuals identify the important characteristics of leadership, learn the characteristics of successful leaders, and evaluate their own leadership strengths and weaknesses in comparison. By comparing themselves with good and poor leaders, individuals can develop an action plan for improving their leadership skills.

This assessment is designed to help individuals identify characteristics for successful leadership, recognize their strengths and identify areas for improvement. Participants evaluate leadership strengths and areas needing improvement by comparing personal leadership attributes to those of a "good leader" and a "poor leader" whom an individual has known. Participants develop a personal action plan for strengthening leadership effectiveness.

Includes 1 credit for this online assessment for groups or organizations. You will need to purchase 1 credit per individual participant. (Quantity discounts are available, starting at 50 units per purchase.)

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