Coaching for Commitment Workshop - Participant Guide

Coaching for Commitment Workshop - Participant Guide

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The revised and updated Coaching for Commitment Self Assessment can be used in a number of ways; as a stand alone tool, as part of the Coaching for Commitment Workshop, or as a part of another coaching or leadership course.

The Self Assessment is intended for use by anyone who wants to identify:
  • A coaching gap compared to an ideal
  • The role(s) he or she gravitates toward
  • Proficiency levels in using certain coaching skills during interactions with others
This product also has a 360-degree feedback component, called the observer that is used to gain a holistic view of the behaviors and actions a person exhibits. The Observer also makes a great follow-up assessment for progress checks.

The self assessment is a 50-item questionnaire that users self-score. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and the associated observer version takes about 15 minutes. Once completed, the inventory will reveal which of four roles (instructor, mentor, manager and coach) the participant is most likely to adopt when interacting with others. It will also show how frequently the skills of challenging, listening, asking, encouraging, and refining foundational skills for successful coaching, are deployed in a coaching conversation.

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